3 Hour Long Run

9 Jan

Today my son had to take a placement test for the high school he will be attending next year. It would take up about 3.5 hours from the time I dropped him off to when I needed to pick him up. So I decided to do a different type of run.
To run for 3 hours and see how far I could get.
Not knowing where the mile markers would be, I, instead, took note of the landmarks I hit. Then I went back to Mapmyrun to figure out the mileage.
It was a cloudy day, with temperatures in the 40s. A little brisk, but almost perfect for a long run.
Most of my run would go along the local man made canal which takes water to local municipalities.

30 min – 3.09mi – (9.7 min/mile last 30 min)
Sort of what I expected, though I noticed my legs weren’t really warming up and getting loose – probably due to the new interval, and tempo runs earlier this week.

60 min – 5.99 mi – (10.3 min/mile last 30 min)
Still within what I was hoping to maintain for this run. I felt myself getting a little too tired for so early in the run.

90 min – 8.64mi – (11.3 min/mile last 30 min)
Staring to slow down – there were several hills on this stretch, so I knew my time would suffer. My legs were starting to ache and my rhythm wasn’t quite right. I kept having to push myself and keep from slowing down too much.

120 min 11.08mi – (12.3 min/mile last 30 min)
Another slightly uphill miles followed by 1.5 miles of single track trail. The trail provided some relief to my achy legs, but unknowingly, I slowed way too much.

150 min 14.04mi – (10.1 min/mile last 30 min)
Somehow after the relief from the short trail section, I found my legs again. Although I felt tired I pushed it. I felt like I had finally got into a good rhythm.

180 min 16.78 mi – (10.9 min/mile last 30 min)
This was the homestretch back to the starting point. I think I would have come in a few min earlier, but I hit a major street and had to wait forever to cross.

I made it back just in time to pick up some coffee and my son. It seemed like it was actually colder than when I started. And though the coffee tasted like crap, at least the apple fritter was great!


One Response to “3 Hour Long Run”

  1. Christina 01.11.2010 at 5:43 am #

    Impressive. I like how you broke each piece into 30 min increments. Isn’t it amazing how much of a roller coaster a ride can be…one minute feeling tired and the feeling great.

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