Men Don’t Talk

21 Jan

Well, today is another rain out for me. This has been the 4th consecutive day of rain out here in Northern CA. Although there have been respites, other commitments have interfered to prevent me from running.

As an example, today the latest rain storm was supposed to pack less of a wallop than the previous 3 days. I was planning on doing 800 intervals after work. Since all the high schools tracks are muddy and soaked, I was going to hit up the local Iron Horse trail. It has quarter mile markings painted on the asphalt. However, my son woke up sick this morning, and I’m now sitting at home looking after him. And it’s still pouring out here. The weather guys had said it would let up this afternoon, but nothing doing.

Anyway, I ran across this article online which I found kind of interesting. It’s titled “Why Men Don’t Talk” by David Zinczenko for Men’s Health. In it, he lists 4 reasons why men don’t like to talk. Here’s a short summary/highlights of this short article. Zinczenko states that men do in fact want to open up, but

  • Guys Are A Little Intimidated – women are expert communicators. Men are afraid of saying too much, because saying the wrong thing may get them into more trouble
  • Guys Need To Decompress – when a man is hit with a demand for conversation so closely after returning from the stressful environment of work, he only wants to kick back and relax.
  • Guys Are More Comfortable With Actions Than Feelings – when men do talk, they’d prefer to talk about actions rather than emotions. Rather than talking about how he “feels,” often a man would rather express his love by changing her oil, or bringing home a flower, or relinquishing control of the remote.
  • Guys Don’t Want To Be Put On The Spot – A full 65 percent of men surveyed indicated they don’t want their partners to ask them more questions about themselves

So yes, he generalizing a bit, and for me, some of those things sometimes hit close to home. Not always, but sometimes. I would say a some of these characteristics fit most of my friends. There’s a few who have no trouble letting it all hang out. And, I’m not sure how age plays a factor in this.

What do you think? Are there other reasons ‘us guys’ don’t readily open up ? Or is this just a copout?

And no, you can’t have the remote!


One Response to “Men Don’t Talk”

  1. Christina 01.23.2010 at 6:42 am #

    Come on! pull on your big boy panties and get out there and run! having just toiled with to run/not to run because of the rain I understand your dilemma. The sick kid gives you a pass. 🙂

    I had to laugh at the first one, guys don’t want to talk with fear of getting into more trouble. We women are tough like that. First we want you to talk and then we get mad when you do. I think another reason of not talking is fear of making the girl cry. Some people cope by getting angry or yelling, I cry. Its not that I’m hurt or something terrible has been said or done, I just cry. Its my release. I believe the guys don’t want to be on the spot comment too. I know I don’t so I try not to do that to my boyfriend.

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