7 Randon Things

24 Jan

Katye over at Live, Love, Run, Pray tagged me to list 7 random things.
So here you go:

1. The first race I ever ran was Bay to Breakers in San Francisco. in NBA All Stars basketball shoes. My feet hurt like hell for days after, but I was on such a high, I talked about it for weeks.

2. From grammar school thru college, at various times, I played basketball, soccer and rugby. I was never tall enough to play b-ball beyond grammar school; I excelled at soccer, but had the most fun playing rugby

3. I counselled my youngest sister to not run the LA MArathon on March 21. She had just started running one and a half years ago, and ran a half marathon in Oct, 2009. She promptly ignored my advice. She ran 23 miles yesterday. She’ll probably kick my ass in March

4. I last ran a marathon in 1994; 3:59 in San Francisco

5. Although I mainly listen to rock ‘n roll, my wife and I started and ran an opera company for 5 years

6. I was born in Guadalajara, Mexico, have been mistaken for American Indian, and have had my name butchered a million ways. The funniest was the guy who spelled my name as McGill and was convinced I was Irish. After 4 beers I had him saying “Irish I was Mexican.”  Try saying that after 4 beers.

7. I’m 55 years old – my sister says that’s the new 45! 

 I woke up early to do my long run.  19 miles.  I mile longer than last week, but I’m a lot less tired than last week.  This is probably due to one of two things. I didn’t get any quality runs in because of all the rain NorCal last week, so I was pretty rested. Or, it was because I didn’t drink any wine yesterday.  What do you think ?


2 Responses to “7 Randon Things”

  1. Christina 01.24.2010 at 7:31 pm #

    My first Bay to Breakers was probably in 1984 and I ran it for a number of years. I’d love to go back and run it again.

  2. Zoë 01.30.2010 at 10:54 pm #

    McGill, huh? That’s priceless. 🙂

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