Valentine’s Post

14 Feb

This has been a great running week- 37 total miles
– 8×800 on Wed, 4:15 average – these are getting harder as I another 800 one each week
– a great long run of 22 miles this morning. After all the rain in the last weeks, I knew the sun would be out today. So I was debating whether to wear my sun glasses, or my regular glasses. Sun glasses won out, though it was a little interesting running in the dark at 5:30am

Zeroing in on running 200 miles over consecutive months – I’ve never done that. Feels great!

My son’s b-ball team won their last game of the season today. The team pizza party was great too.

Congrats to all the racers this weekend!!

Nothing to report about Valentine’s Day, except – My mother-in-law decided to pay us a visit! Major fail!!!
Who does that??

5 weeks to the LA Marathon – only one +20 miler (22-24?) left. I can’t wait!!


One Response to “Valentine’s Post”

  1. Christina 02.17.2010 at 4:22 pm #

    Excellent on another 20+ run. After your last long run how many does that make?

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