back in the saddle..

23 Feb

After a week long layoff, I finally got back on the street again this morning. I debated whether to ease into it with a 2-3 miles easy run, or just bite the bullet and do a full 6 miles.

After thinking about all the training I’d put in the last 5-6 month, I knew my conditioning hadn’t suffered that much, so I decided to do the full 6. It wasn’t easy… I expected to have no rhythm, achy knees, labored breathing, and general tiredness.

Usually, with all the driving to pick up kids from school, meetings, etc., I find it easier to get up at 5 in the morning for my runs. In order to do that I make the decision to get up early ahead of time. I don’t know why that works. But having one less mind game to play with myself seems to do it. It almost didn’t work this morning. I woke up at 5 and lay in bed thinking of a million reasons to postpone my run till this afternoon. The warm bed…the residual sinus pressure..and so on, but I finally got up and dressed, and was out the door in 15 minutes. (Good thing too. It is pouring out here right now)

I picked a perfect route. It starts at a slight downhill in the first mile. Then a minimal incline over the next 2 miles, before flattening out. The last half mile is also downhill. I started very slowly, focusing on my form, and breathing, trying to capture a good rhythm. I started to tire after the first mile – seemed like I couldn’t get enough air into my lungs. And running that long straightway (from miles 2-4) in the dark seemed to go on forever. I laid out the course so I could cut it short at 3 or 4.5 miles, if I was having too much difficulty. I did feel some discomfort at both checkpoints, but I  dealt with it and trudged on. My pace was really slow – later I realized I was going as slow as the final miles of my last 22 miler 9 days ago.

I made it though. No leg soreness, though my feet are a little achy. My sinus pressure went away after blowing out a few snot rockets – yum!.

So, first recovery step taken. 2 more runs in the next 3 days, then if all goes well, my last long run on Sunday. I ‘m somewhat concerned about the long run, though. I hope to get my legs and lungs back by Sunday – but I’m wondering if I should postpone the long run for a week. I’ve seen some training plans with long runs 2 weeks before a marathon. I’m not sure if how it will affect me on marathon day. Hmmm… something to ponder over the next 5 days. Of course, I expect all you experts to chime in with free advise!!


One Response to “back in the saddle..”

  1. Christina 02.23.2010 at 5:03 pm #

    The week before my marathon I called my coach. I was catching a cold and he talked me through it. I was conditioned and a cold wasn’t going to affect that. Yes, I may be uncomfortable, yes, I may have a snotty nose and congested head but short of a fever, I was going to do fine. Take something to make me FEEL better and get out there. Basically I needed to pull up my big girl panties and quit whining (he later brought up all my worrying was for nothing).

    So I would still do the long run, if you think you can do physically do it (mind you I’m not saying if you think you can do it and feel great). Especially if you are at the end of your cold. Be snot rocket KING! Then during your taper continue to do your quality workouts, continue your goal pace runs.

    Other things to do increase your vitamin C. Take Emergence C. (This stuff I like and it gave me some energy too) Make sure your drinking enough water. Eat a snack after your run to replace your glycogen. That’s my free, uneducated advice.

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