Long (road) runs suck!

2 Mar

Two weeks ago, I came down with a bad cold/sore throat. For about a week, I laid around fatigued, blowing out this gunk from my nose. Concerned how this lost week was going to affect my preparations for the LA Marathon, I finally got back on the roads last week. Due to family conflicts and other meetings, I only managed two 6 mile runs. I could feel I had a ways to go to get back to form. My rhythm was off, my legs ached, and I struggled to even out my breathing. By Thursday, I decided I needed a few more days rest in order to get my last long run in on Sunday.
Unfortunately, I forgot about my daughter’s first track meet of the season last Saturday. It is an all comers meet, with about 30 high schools participating. Unfortunate because I forgot I had volunteered to help with the event set up and with the discus competition. My daughter looks like a sprinter, and has a lot of raw speed, but she has no interest in the running events. Instead, she opted for the discus and shot put. And I’m happier than heck. Each time I watch her throw, I can see how much fun she is having. She’s got rail thin arms, and doesn’t intend on bulking up, so it is all about technique for her. And whether she places, or not, doesn’t matter. She’s having fun participating, and I’m having fun supporting her.
Anyway, even though a rain storm had just pushed through, Saturday was still cloudy and cold. For six hours, I set up for the different events, bent down to measure each toss, avoided errant throws, and slowly froze my ass off. By the time I got home, I was so tired. I rested and hydrated for the rest of the night in preparation for my long run.

The long run…well, let’s just say it’s done. I had 2 other runs of 20 and 22 miles which had gone perfectly in the weeks before. This one was a disaster.
I ran on pace for the first 12 miles. I started feeling some pain in my foot every 3-4 miles. It would linger for about 1-2 miles, then disappear.
By mile 16, I knew I was in trouble.
By 18, my pace started to slow. The hacking fit didn’t help.
When I hit 21 miles, I knew I was done. I had no more energy. I could either call my daughter to pick me up, or suck it up and finish the damn thing.
Well, I decided to suck it up. It seemed to take forever, but it is done.

On the plus side, 19 days to rest up and get back to 100%. I’ve got some good tapering and nutrition suggestions from some of you. I’m looking forward to meeting some friends in LA – hopefully other bloggers. I’m glad I got that depressing run out of the way. I’m confidant I’m going to have a great run on March 21st!!


2 Responses to “Long (road) runs suck!”

  1. Johann 03.03.2010 at 12:00 am #

    My marathon is on 20 March and my last long run was also terrible. I see it as good time on the legs. Actually all my long runs were fairly bad. I’m also resting up a bit now and hope to be ready for the marathon.

  2. Christina 03.06.2010 at 4:44 pm #

    Excellent job on the long run. Remember you were on your feet a lot the day before and you ran 22 miles! Excellent work! 19 days of taper and you’ll feel like a champ.

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