4 days and counting….

17 Mar
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Just 4 days days until the LA Marathon. I’m trying not to think too much about it yet. but it is a little hard to focus at work.

I’ve cut back quite a bit from my training as I finish off the last taper week. I’ve been feeling really good the last few days. I’ve slept in for the last week or so, something I haven’t done in years. I’ve also have been eating everything in sight. Is it just me, or does everyone just naturally eat more during a taper? And, my belly is starting to stick out a little too much. Gotta watch all this carbo loading!!

There is one down side to flying down from Northern California to LA for the marathon. I signed up for this back in December. Well, my daughter is going to her junior prom this Saturday. This is her first prom and she is so excited!. My wife took her to buy a prom dress recently. Since I’m not going to be around, she modeled it for me on Monday. wow! My little baby girl has really grown up. I can’t believe how great she looked. She promised to take a zillion pictures for me. Still…I’m kind of sad I’ll be missing this big event.

So, I’m flying into Burbank on Friday and hitting up the expo that afternoon. Then, I’m going to relax with family and friends all day Saturday. And, I’m not going to even take a sip of beer, as tempting as that will be. I’m not young anymore. Gone are the days of partying till 2am, and running a 1:45 half marathon after 4 hours sleep!

Just checked the forecast and it looks like temperatures will rise into the low 70s. That’s going to be hot considering all my long runs have been in 50 degree weather. If anything kicks my butt, it will be the sun.


2 Responses to “4 days and counting….”

  1. Johann 03.18.2010 at 12:15 am #

    I’m with you on the eating part of this taper. I feel the same as you. Permanently hungry and eating too much. My next run is my marathon on Saturday. Keep well and take it easy these last few days!

  2. Long Legs on the Loose 03.20.2010 at 12:43 pm #

    you’re gunna be great!

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