Into the Woods..

26 Mar

Yesterday marked the earliest I have reached 300 miles in a year!  I guess there’s still some life in these old legs.

After taking 4 days off to rest up from the LA Marathon, I drove to my daughter’s school, dropped off the car, and ran home. My daughter had a track meet and would not be back till later. On the run back home, I got caught in a thunderstorm, which actually felt great. Today all effects of the marathon are gone. No stiffness or achiness.

The photos from the marathon are also available now online. A little pricey, and they didn’t really catch a good one of me running. I’m debating whether to get one of these:

no 5 This is me at about the 25 mile mark. Note the ear plugs. By the end of a marathon, for whatever reason, my hearing gets really sensitive. Usually its because of cranked up music or older brothers nagging me to keep going :-). So this time, I decided to wear plugs when I couldn’t handle all the noise. They worked pretty well, though I could hear my shoes pounding the pavement.

no 3 This is me right at the finish. The happiest guy on the face of planet earth. I was going to stop and do my Usain Bolt pose. But, I was too out of it.

no 11

Tonight I was all set to sit my big butt in front of the tube and watch my alma mater, St. Mary’s College of California, take on 3rd seed Baylor in the NCAA sweet 16. Alas, I forgot my wife and I had bought tickets to watch one of her music students in their school’s production of Into the Woods. Maybe I can sneak in my transistor radio?  I’m sure my Gaels are going to pounding the Bears senseless!!

Finally, this weekend marks my return to trail running. I’m not leaving road running entirely. I just need to refresh and running Into the Woods has always been the way to do it. And live happily ever after!!



2 Responses to “Into the Woods..”

  1. Johann 03.28.2010 at 2:05 am #

    Congrats on the 300 miles! Older legs are smarter legs. The photos look good to me! You really look happy at the finish. Enjoy the trail running! I have some time to go on the road still, but I’m looking forward to the trails as well.

  2. Christina 04.03.2010 at 11:21 am #

    Those are awesome race pictures. I’ve never bought my race pictures but am still debating to get one from my last marathon.

    I’m supposed to be in Fremont and Sacramento in June. Maybe we can meet up for a run and pics to post on our blogs.

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