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Taper week # 2

11 Mar


Only 10 days until the LA Marathon  I’m not getting too freaked out about it yet.

Last week, I took an extra recovery day after my last long run of 24 miles. I did a short 5.5 mile easy run midweek. At Johann’s suggestion, I kept my long run to 13 miles on Sunday. Then this week, I threw in a couple of 5 mile runs.

I hate tapers. The runs seem so blah. Or perhaps, I’m just fatigued from all the long runs. Then I started to feel these aches similar to when I had a calf injury a couple of years ago. Back then, I had to take 3 weeks off to let my body repair itself. Last week, I started feeling the same twinges in my calf. Thankfully, it went away once I got going. Since then, my heels and knees have felt sore and my legs have felt stiff and heavy.  Maybe this means I really ready for LA.

Anyway, I felt I needed a change. For today’s run, after a mile warmup, I took to the trails. Sprinting up and down the dirt hills felt fabulous! This was way better than doing 800 intervals. And I felt great afterwards. I even had a spring in my step.

In a way, I’m looking forward to getting the marathon out of the way; getting away from the asphalt and cement roads, and all the traffic. I can’t wait to get back to the trails….


Sick as a dog

17 Feb

I have been truly fortunate.

I haven’t been sick in over 3 years. No colds, flu, sore throats…nothing. Coincidently, three years ago I started upping my mileage (from 10-15 miles to 25-30 in the last 6 months.

Meanwhile, my wife, son and daughter have had various illnesses, especially in the winter months.

The streak ended yesterday

My family has been trading colds and coughs for the last 4 months. Yesterday morning, I awoke with a tickle in my throat. By 5pm, that little tickle had blossomed, making me miserable. I got home and dragged myself to bed- getting up once to eat dinner.

There’s a slight improvement today. But, I have no interest whatsoever in going out for a run. The combination of a great 22 miler last Sunday, and this throat thing (might even be allergy related) has really fatigued me.

Maybe tomorrow….maybe Friday.

Meanwhile all the ladies are taking full advantage and going right by me again at 1010-in-2010

Just wait….

Read a great review of how proper nutrition/hydration and pacing helped Christina BQ at the IMS Arizona marathon. Great stuff! Check it out.

(cough, cough, hack, hack)

Valentine’s Post

14 Feb

This has been a great running week- 37 total miles
– 8×800 on Wed, 4:15 average – these are getting harder as I another 800 one each week
– a great long run of 22 miles this morning. After all the rain in the last weeks, I knew the sun would be out today. So I was debating whether to wear my sun glasses, or my regular glasses. Sun glasses won out, though it was a little interesting running in the dark at 5:30am

Zeroing in on running 200 miles over consecutive months – I’ve never done that. Feels great!

My son’s b-ball team won their last game of the season today. The team pizza party was great too.

Congrats to all the racers this weekend!!

Nothing to report about Valentine’s Day, except – My mother-in-law decided to pay us a visit! Major fail!!!
Who does that??

5 weeks to the LA Marathon – only one +20 miler (22-24?) left. I can’t wait!!


3 Feb

  Don’t you hate it when the other blogs are discussing articles in Trail Running or Runner’s World, and your issue has arrived yet. Grrr! Almost as bad as not winning the latest giveaway!

  There are only 6 ½ weeks left till the LA Marathon. Training was going ok till last week. Then, I started getting a bit lazy. I got a decent interval in midweek (6×800), but I had to really push myself to get out the door at 5am on Friday. It was a pretty cool morning with the fog starting to form. I didn’t get into a good rhythm till the 3 mile mark. Coincidently, that was the point where I left the road and turned into the local canal trail. Something about running in the dark with just a headlamp seemed to pick me up. I got a thrill at about the 4 mile mark. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed some yellow dots. Turning to the left, I saw 4 sets of yellowish eyes about 30 yards away. My heart skipped thinking they were wild dogs. I relaxed again when I realized it was just 4 deer. What wildlife have you encountered?

  There are 2 people, who I know, I have inspired to take up running. The first is my youngest sister, who’s about 10 years younger. She started running about 1 ½ years ago. She had always watched, over the years, as one of my older brothers and I would run in different races. She’d see how much fun we had and she wanted to experience that also. So, on a lark, while shopping for walking shoes, she signed up with a 10K running group. She stuck with it, running her first 10K shortly after. Last Oct, she ran her first half marathon. In November, when she heard I was considering LA in March, she started thinking about it also. However, she was experiencing pain in her knees and some kidney stone issues, and wasn’t sure if she was ready. I suggested she take her time, get well, build up slowly, and shoot for something down the road. Of course, she ignored my advice and promptly signed up anyway. Secretly, I don’t think she has done enough training to enjoy the experience. I’m sure she’ll finish, but how much pain will she have to endure?

  Another good friend also took up running recently. In the course of discussing different things, I would always bring up running; whether it was the excitement from running a race or finding a new trail. She had been a bad auto accident a few years ago. She took up running to strengthen her legs. When one of her friends opened up fitness studio, it led to a more directed effort to make a change in her life. She signed up with a personal trainer to help with core work, and has slowly built up her mileage. This Sunday, she is running her first half marathon in San Francisco. I’m really proud of the advances she’s made and her determination. Who have you inspired recently?

  In January, as part of the 1010 miles in 2010 challenge, I’ve run almost 129 miles. This was a big milestone for me. In the last 15 years, the most I had run in one month was 100 miles (Nov 09), but my average was more like 50 miles a month. I think committing to the challenge was a smart thing. It has kept me motivated in my training for LA. It has also given me a long-term goal which I can use to keep up my fitness throughout the year.

I’m committed

12 Jan

Just a quick note: I am now officially registered for the LA Marathon on March 21st.

Bib # 15592

Starting to get excited now.
And a little fearful of the upcoming long runs in the next 6 weeks.
And concerned with all the rain hitting NorCal in the next week.
Hope it doesn’t affect my planned runs too much.
Today’s 5×800 on the high school dirt track are gone.
Got to come up with an alternative…..

An eerie start to the New Year

4 Jan

I was going to list out my plans/goals for 2010, but everything is in a state of flux at the moment. For now I have 2 runnning goals for 2010. 

The first is to increase my total mileage for the year. I really love to run, and especially love the benefits I derive from it. In 2007, I logged 700 miles, in 2008 – 766 miles, and last year I finished at 802. This year I want to up the ante and get into as great shape as I can. So last week, I signed up with Katye (Psst it’s her birthday today. Happy 21st!!) to run her  1,010 in 2010  challenge.

My second goal is to run at least 3 marathons or 50K trail runs. I tried to get my act together last year, but the timing and motivation weren’t there. So, the first opportunity is the LA Marathon  on March 21st. Hence, my blog title “Road To LA”, not Louisiana 😉

I started the new year off right with 2 runs, one good, and one just so-s0.  On Jan 1st, I had planned a 10 miler. However, life stepped in and I ended up staying up late with my wife and kids on New Year’s Eve. And I slept in – unusual for me, but oh did it ever feel great!  I’m usually up by 5:30 or 6am, and laying in bed made me lazy for the rest of the day. I did manage to get out the door by noon. But, I just couldn’t get into a rhythm. Halfway through, I caved and barely managed 6.  Not the start I was hoping for.

Yesterday, I had planned a looooong run of 17 miles. I knew I had to get up early so I could be back in time for my son’s b-ball game (they kicked butt!).   But, somehow I slept in again!! Jumping out of bed, I figured I had only 2.5 hours. It was a little cool (about 40*)  and dark. I didn’t come across any runner or cyclist for the first 8 miles. Finally, as the sky started to brighted the day, the fog settled in. I could barely see about 30-40 yards ahead. Very cool, very eerie. A great run.  I’ll have to make up the 17 miler next week.

A somewhat promising start to 2010. Happy New Year to all!!!

The Road to LA

28 Dec

Welcome !!

Just setting this up to truly start the blog on Jan 1, 2010.

This is a journal of my road to the 2010 LA Marathon. It has been over 15 years since I ran LA, and almost as long since my last marathon (San Francisco). In the interim, I run a few half marathons, some 10Ks, but mostly just run because I love it.  In the last few years, I have hit the trails more than the road. The result: less injuries and a hell of lot more fun!!! 

But lately, the marathon itch started driving me nuts. So, after a few false starts (Cal Int’l, Long Beach), I have finally committed to LA.

So join me on my somewhat quixotic quest.